We are Distributor and Reseller in the field of Electrical, Mechanical, Instrument, Power Tools, Test & Measurement from major principals and manufacturers in Europe, America, Australia and Asia.


We provide complete electrical products solution start form Industrial Electrical Cable, Cable Accesories, Electrical Safety Circuit Protection, Receiver, Transmitter, Industrial Motor, etc.


We provide Process Instruments, Measurement Instruments, Calibration Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Environment Instruments. We have Flowmeter to meter your gas, oil, water, chemicals, foods, energy.  You can find cable instrument


Industrial Valve, Flowmeter, Pipe Fittings, Pump, Compressor, Filter, etc.

Safety & Security

We provide products to help you complete your job more safely.

Tool & Power Tools

Proper Working Tools will help you to complete your job more quickly and well done. You can find Hydraulic Tools, Electricals Tools, Pneumatic Tools, and many other tools here.

Test & Measurement

Measurement of noise levels, the level of harmful gas, to check the insulation resistance generator or electric motor,  to measure the insulation resistance, etc.

Network & Telecommunication

We provide device to help you maintain the stability of your network connection, to double the available range, reliable high quality communications even in harsh environments. We have Belden Cat5e cable, utp/stp cable, and other network cables, switch


We trusted to distribute a number of brands that are over 40 years old as 3M Electrical, 3M GRAFOPLAST identification system, BADGERMETER Flowmeter and Control Valve, ARORA LED Portable Weatherproof Lightings, DICKSON Data Logger, CROUZET Limit Switches, ANACONDA flexible sealtite conduit and fittings.

We continue to work closely with our major principals and manufacturers in Europe, America, Australia and Asia.