Oct 5, 2018
High Power LED Floodlight. Konsumsi energi watt Rendah,  Output Cahaya Super Terang. Cocok dipakai untuk Lampu Sorot di Gedung, Lapangan, Terminal, Alternatif Lampu High Bay di hangar.  

Grafoplast Targa

Feb 18, 2015
TARGA is the ideal marking system even for harsh environments. TARGA manual marker system, suitable for power cable labeling, can accomodate large-diameter cable just by replacing the strap length. Easy to Apply: Cut the transparent holder at the desired length with the appropriate pliers. Insert the characters into the transparent holder, remembering to insert blank elements at each end of the text to obtain identification. Make sure no gap beetwen the element and the strap. Fasten the holder or…

Badgermeter Asian Seminar

Dec 15, 2015
Badger Meter Asian Sales & Marketing Seminar was held from October 19-22, 2015 in Singapore. The 76 participants came from 14 countries, including Qatar, Thailand, India, China, South Korea, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan and Philippines. In addition to the seminar program, which contained 20 workshops over  three  days  which  provided  an  insight  to  all  Badger  Meter  product …