Why Should You Switch to LED Flood Light ?

Oct 5, 2018
LED flood lights are environmentally friendly and provide an artistic lighting effects experience. These lights are in use in many places such as factory, buildings, stores, movie theaters, play areas and stadiums.   These lights have several benefits which are described below: Environmentally friendly: LED flood lights are now top eco-friendly lighting option present in the market. These lights have low heat production and they don’t contain any harmful elements like mercury or lead…

Cable and Wire Identification Systems

Feb 18, 2015
Cable and Wire Marking Systems In any workplace, change is a common occurrence. Things like new equipment, movement of said equipment and any change in wiring is not visible to staff unless it’s properly documented. If it is properly labeled, a cable managing system can help in solving and detecting exactly where any problems occur. Cable and wire identification refers to the markers or labels that are typically affixed to a cable or wire for identification purposes.…

Flowmeter Product Training and Seminar

Dec 15, 2015
PT. Elang Mas IndoAsia attended Badger Meter Asian Sales Seminar at Singapore in October 2015, and in Bali Indonesia in Mei 2019. PT. Elang Mas IndoAsia got Badgermeter Product Training and Certification in Neuffen Germany  in March 2-4, 2016. Badger Meter Asian Sales & Marketing Seminar was held from October 19-22, 2015 in Singapore. The 76 participants came from 14 countries, including Qatar, Thailand, India, China, South Korea, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore,…