Product 5 & 10kV Insulation Tester

5 & 10kV Insulation Tester

TopTronic industrial insulation testers are robust, heavy duty units which test insulation at various high voltages. The TIN6A is an analogue battery powered insulation tester designed for harsh environments and is an analogue version of the TIN6D. It is battery powered, consuming very low power and capable of 20 hours of continuous operation at maximum load.These battery powered units are used for low energy reguirements such as switchboards, motors and low capacitance applications. This range has built-in Internal Guard Circuitry to eliminate errors due to surface current creep age. The operation is controlled by a microprocessor giving visual and audible indications and warnings, to alert test engineers to the status and presence of dangerous voltages.



  • Analogue Display                            

  • Low Battery Indication

  • Test at 5kV and 10kV                      

  • Crowbar Protection

  • Live Line Warning Beeper            

  • Heavy Duty Case

  • Auto-Discharge