Product Electromagnetic Amplifier Type Mod-MAG M2000

Electromagnetic Amplifier Type Mod-MAG M2000

The amplifier type ModMAG® M2000 is best suited for bidirectional flow measurement of fluids with a conductivity  > 5 μS/cm (> 20 μS/cm for demineralized water). ModMAG®
M2000 shows a high accuracy, is easy to use and can be chosen for a large and flexible applications spectrum. The backlit, four-line display shows all actual flow measuring data, daily and complete information, including alarm messages. The standard amplifier has 4 programmable digital outputs, one digital input, power output and different interfaces. Integrated system self checkup make the putting into operation and the service easier. For service purposes, the meter configuration can be kept or transferred to another meter without a new parametering via the optional back-up parameter function.