Product Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Indoor Air Quality Monitors

• An essential component of any professional IAQ program

• Organizes ALL survey info; data, text, calibration history and more...

• Measures VOCs, CO2, CO, %RH, Dewpoint, Temperature and more...

• Options for Toxic Gases, Differential Pressure, Particulates, Airspeed and more...

• Tap the screen for educational info: sensor tips, IAQ documents and guidelines

• Extremely easy to use

• Comes with 18 IAQ Field (Word) forms (mold checklist, etc.) for on-site input

• WolfSensetm PC desktop software is included for data review, graph creation, cut & paste report generation

• Optional Advanced Report Generator software for automated, ultra-efficient, detailed IAQ reports

• Extensive on-board help files, including video help