Product Long Palm Long Barrel

Long Palm Long Barrel

Long Palm Long Barrel Lugs are designed for totally air-tight cable applications. The barrels are internally silver soldered at the palm junction and the inspection window is not present.
The long palm can easily accommodate two bolts, for secure termination. All lugs are standard with blank palm, and stud holes can be punched to order.
These lugs can easily be modifed to make special lugs by bending the palm, cropping the palm or shortening the barrel. Our manufacturing division can modify lugs to your needs, please contact our sales department. To help us understand your requirements, please photocopy the proforma drawing on page C4 and fll in as much detail as you can and fax to our sales. They are designed to crimp with standard hexagon dies for the standard range of copper lugs. The tooling is dimensionally compatible with standard Australian tooling.