Our Products

In the past 20 years, we provide more than 13,000 High Quality Products to many Industries in Indonesia.

We have been engaged in Project Procurement Services for Mechanical Electricals and Instruments including Installation/Testing/Commisiong/ Calibration Instruments, and MRO Annual Contract for a number of well-known mining in Indonesia.

We represent our clients to get Maximum Effectiveness in term of Product Quality, Price and Delivery Time as Added Value to Our services.

We have an excellent track-record in handling international industrial goods and years of experience in tackling various challenges faced during the process of acquiring the products for our respected clients.

We are Official Distributor for Well-Known Products :

FLEXICON Flexible Conduit for cable protection from Extreme Temperature, Mechanical Impact, vandalism.

CEMBRE  Cable Connector, Industrial Hydraulic Crimper, Hydraulic Cutter, Railway Maentenance.

ARORA Industrial Lighting for any industrial lighting application: Floodlight, High Bay Lighting, ATEX Lighting, Emergency Lighting.


Reseller for many Well-Known Industrial Brands like  RAMSEY, ROSEMOUNT, ALLEN BRADLEY,  BENTLY NEVADA, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, FLUKE, FLIR, etc

Please Feel Free to contact us:   sales@elangmas.com  .... "Your Industrial Needs Provider".


Led High Bay Light Distributor

Elang Mas is one of the most trusted high led high bay light distributors in Indonesia. Various popular brands and brands for high bay products such as Arora are available in full. We distribute this product to various mining industries throughout Indonesia.
The high bay LED products that we provide are very suitable for use in warehouses, hazardous environments such as mining sites. With many features such as water-proof, damp-proof, and vapor-proof so they can meet tough jobs.

Flexible Conduit Metal

There are various flexible conduit metal products that can be obtained quickly. Elang Mas collaborates with one of the best brands so that it becomes one of official Flexicon Indonesia's partners. We also provide non metallic flexible conduit, and various other types of conduit.
Flexible metallic conduit or FMC is made using aluminum coils that lock onto each other. This coil produces a cavity that can be used as a place for electrical cables. FMC itself is usually used in dry environments where it is not possible to use other types of conduit.
flexible nonmetallic conduit or also called liquidtight refers to several types of conduit that use non-metallic materials. Materials from nonmetallic conduit are usually fire retardant, with uses for walls, and so on.

Led Floodlight

Besides Arora, there are also led floodlights from the WK Series, for mining lighting needs. LED floodlight products are very suitable for hazardous environments, have strong, durable features. Complete your mining needs with equipment and instruments from Elang Mas now.

Explosion-proof Mining Lamp

Elang Mas Indoasia is also a distributor of explosion-proof mining lamp products. Some products from the Qinsun brand, and so on. Working in extreme and hazardous environments is no longer a problem.
Working in the dark can be dangerous. Our explosion-proof mining lamp can be widely used in the hazardous environments in many industries such as mining, petroleum, etc.


We provide complete electrical products solution start form Industrial Electrical Cable, Cable Accesories, Electrical Safety Circuit Protection, Receiver, Transmitter, Industrial Motor, etc.


We provide devices that are used for measurement and control, as an analysis and control tool in the fields of chemistry, medicine,  electrochemistry, factories. Some examples  like gauges : mass, time, length, area, angle, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, pH (acidity), level, radiation,  sound, light, speed, torque, electrical current/ volatge/ resistance, viscocity, density, etc

Process Instruments, Measurement Instruments, Calibration Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Environment Instruments. We have Flowmeter to meter your gas, oil, water, chemicals, foods, energy. 


Mechanical device refers to a piece of machinery that has moving parts that perform some function.  They include plumbing, elevators, escalators, and heating and air-conditioning systems.

Industrial Valve, Flowmeter, Pipe Fittings, Pump, Compressor, Filter, Air Conditioning, etc.

Safety & Security

We provide products to help you complete your job health and safely.

Fall/ Head&Face/ Respitory/ Hearing/ Eyewear/ Electric shock Protection, 



Tool & Power Tools

Proper Working Tools will help you to complete your job more quickly and well done. We provide Hydraulic Tools, Electricals Tools, Pneumatic Tools, and many other tools here.

Test & Measurement

Measurement of noise levels, the level of harmful gas, to check the insulation resistance generator or electric motor,  to measure the insulation resistance, etc.

Network & Telecommunication

We provide device to help you maintain the stability of your network connection, to double the available range, reliable high quality communications even in harsh environments.

Belden Cat5e cable, utp/stp cable, Explosion Proof Telecom

Our Brands

We are Trusted to Distribute Various Premium Brands.

We are Official Distributor and  Reseller of a range of Well-Known Industrial Brands :

  • FLEXICON  "Whatever Your Application, We Got it Covered" - Cable Installation Protection, Metal and Non Metal Flexible Conduit.  

  • ARORA LED  "Lets Light Your World"   - Industrial Lighting :Floodlight, High Bay, Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, Emergency Light, ATEX Lighting, Portable Light).   "

  • CEMBRE   " The Right Connectors"    -  Cable Gland, cable Lug, Identification System,  Hydraulic & Pneumatic Tools, Copper Crimping Lugs, Railway Maentenance Tools

  • GRAFOPLAST  Identification System: Manual, Computerise, Portable Marker

  • BADGERMETER  Flowmeter for Oil/ Gas/ Air/  Steam/ Chemical  

  • BDS  Magnetic Drill, Annular Cutter

  • WACKER NEUSSON  External Vibrator and General Construction Equipments

  • NOVOTEST  Metal Hardness, Coating Thickness, Magnetic Testing, Flaw Detector

  • THERMO RAMSEY   Conveyor Protection Switches


  • FLIR     Infrared Camera


We continue to work closely with our major principals and manufacturers in Europe, America, Australia and Asia.