CEMBRE making the right Connection

May 26, 2021

CEMBRE is a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors, crimping & cutting tools, railroad products, identification & labeling systems.

Professionals Hydraulic Crimping, Cutting, Punch Tools,

Hydraulic Pumps and Accessories

Aluminium and Copper Lugs for High Voltage

Connectors, Cable Gland, End Sleeves

Tools Bag

Complete Cable Accessories and Installation Tools

Versatile Marking Systems - One marks it all


For more information about CEMBRE products, please contact us: Sales@elangmas.com

Cable Accessories and Toolings catalogues on https://bit.ly/3iBTj7s

Power Utilities Tools on https://bit.ly/3iJfoAP

Railway Tooling and Accessories on https://bit.ly/35hO8BB

Identification and Labeling on https://bit.ly/3pzDqjh


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