IoT - Automation, Monitoring and Data Acquisition

May 11, 2022

The INTERNET  of  THINGS   is making a major impact in many life aspects.

We do IoT Design and Engineering to Reduce Downtime,  Optimize the Production Procss,  Energy Monitoring, Time and Cost Monitoring, Machine Status Monitoring.



Automation of Repetitive Activities using Robot or Special Design Machine

Project Reference:

(1)  Automation Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Assembly Line.

Design Automation System using Conveyor, Robotic System for moving and assembly the Rearview Mirror.


(2)  Product QC Test Automation

QC test to detect leaking on aluminum casting products Automatically.



(3) Aluminum Housing Washing and Drying Process Automation

Aluminum housing of motorcycle engine Washing and Drying Process. 



IoT Solutions to pulling data from machines or systems.
Data Pulling from Existing System or  Adding New System without Touching Existing Control System
Centralized Data Storage, then Processed into useful information for users as web based dashboard

Project Reference:

(1)  Knit Machine Running Monitoring

Monitoring machine using Mobile Phone or Web based Dashboard, and can be seen if there is a machine that is not running.


(2)   QC Automation

Prevent Machine running before QC process complete, and  End Product Counting Automation


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