Oct 5, 2018

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(1)  Transform your Conventional Lightings to Led Lightings

(2)   Transform your Led Lightings with ARORA Industrial Led Lightings


ARORA Product Advantages:
(1) Brighter  and  Smarter solution to beat any competitor  
(2) Good Heat Dissipation for Long Life Performance
(3) Aluminium Material for Lite and with Compact Design  
(4) Value added in Save Energy and Competitive Price
(5) IP66 / IP65 for Indoor and Outdoor Installation.
(6) Have been installed in many Industries in Indonesia
Environmentally friendly:

LED flood lights are now top eco-friendly lighting option present in the market. These lights have low heat production and they don’t contain any harmful elements like mercury or lead in them like traditional lights. These lights don’t emit harmful gases like co2. For these reasons, these LED lights are much friendlier to both environment and human health.

Long lifespan:

Usually LED lights are very popular for their extended life and toughness. 

Energy efficient:

By using these lights, you can cut down your energy usage by as much as 60% and eventually your electricity costs.

Lower maintenance cost:

 As these lights have higher longevity and need low servicing cost, people can save their money by installing at their facility.

Greater Safety:

Among many other lighting options, LED flood lights are the most secure lighting options out there in the market for lighting up the outdoor areas. As these lights produce less heat, so there is less possibility of electrical and fire incidents.

Brighter light:

LED flood lights generate significantly brighter white light which is a lot like daylight. By installing these lights, you can easily see the items in dark environment. If these lights are used in outdoor spaces like stadiums, it makes the viewer’s think as if it is Day. Also, these LED lights offer artistic attractiveness to the surrounding environment.

Finally, LED flood light is the perfect choice for your outdoor spaces. These lights will help you to save your money and to protect the environment at the same time.High Power LED Floodlight.


Note:  Please see ARORA High Power Led Floodlight in Our Product  for  low energy consumption with High Power Output




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