Preventative Maintenance

Dec 4, 2022


How do you decide which assets to monitor? We can work with you to provide CONDITION MONITORING solutions to help you assess the condition of your assets.



  • Unknown vibration
  • Unknown noise
  • Unexplained high temps
  • Unexplained inefficiencies
  • Unexplained production issues
  • Product quality issues.

A preventive maintenance task is performed while the equipment is still working to prevent unexpected breakdowns. A preventive maintenance strategy is a commonly used approach that falls between reactive maintenance (or run-to-failure) and predictive maintenance.

Conduct Routine Maintenance before your equipment breaks down to avoid costly repairs and downtime. Correct maintenance of assets extends their lifespan, meaning fewer periods of unplanned downtime, and fewer costly replacements for your business.

For power plants, preventive maintenance consists of periodic inspection to detect potential failures. This planned maintenance is designed to extend the useful life by minimizing breakdowns and depreciation during normal operation.



For most manufacturers, unscheduled downtime caused by unexpected failures on rotating equipment is the biggest cause of lost production time. The single loss of one piece of machinery can bring production to a halt, resulting in a significant impact on an organisation’s profitability, productivity and, ultimately, the bottom-line.

What is reactive maintenance and predictive maintenance?

As the name suggests, reactive maintenance (also called emergency or breakdown maintenance) is unplanned and involves restoring equipment when it fails by replacing or repairing faulty parts. The cost of reactive maintenance is high due to the unplanned production downtime, damaged machinery, overtime, and callout fees caused by the uncertain timing and nature of failures.What is predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance (PdM) is a technique that uses data analysis tools and techniques to detect anomalies in your operation and possible defects in equipment and processes so you can fix them before they result in failure.

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