Feb 18, 2015

Cable and Wire Marking Systems

In any workplace, change is a common occurrence. Things like new equipment, movement of said equipment and any change in wiring is not visible to staff unless it’s properly documented. If it is properly labeled, a cable managing system can help in solving and detecting exactly where any problems occur.

Cable and wire identification refers to the markers or labels that are typically affixed to a cable or wire for identification purposes. These markers provide a quick and easy way to identify a cable or wire and can be placed in a location that is easy to read, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Wire markers and cable markers are used to label wires and cables. Wire marking can be done before or after termination. There is a large variety of markers available, including an array of sizes, colors, and lengths.

The best way to prevent switched cables and related accidents is to mark each cable individually. In a good marking system, each cable can be identified at a glance; you should be able to tell immediately what type of connection that cable is for, and where it leads. 

The easiest and most efficient way to accomplish successful wire identification is to start from the very beginning, by labeling each and every wire as it is added. assembly down the road.

As your workplace gets more and more wires and cables, it becomes more and more important to know which cord leads where. A network cable plugged in at the wrong port can cost a lot of troubleshooting time; a disconnected grounding wire can cause a deadly fire.

Here are four key questions to answer that will help you decide what kind of marker or label is best.

  • Is there an industry or customer specification that must be met?
  • What environment or chemicals will the labels be exposed to?
  • Are you marking the wires before or after termination?
  • What is cable or wire size you are marking?

All kind of cable and wire size can be identified using our identification system.

  • Manual Identification System
  • Portable Identification System
  • Computerised Identification System

Note:  Please contact us for your Identification System requirement for cable markers, inside or outside cable panel


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