Product Advanced Instument GPR-2500 MO
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Advanced Instument GPR-2500 MO

Accuracy: < 2% of FS range under constant conditions, e.g. constant temperature, flow rate and ambient pressure

Analysis: 0-100% FS range

Application: Continuous monitoring of oxygen levels up to 100% O2

Area Classification: General purpose

Calibration: Max interval—3 months. Use certified span gas with 97- 100% O2 (balance N2). To comply with FDA requirements for medical grade O2, zero calibrate with not less than 99.9% N2 (balance O2) or span calibrate with not less than 99.99% O2 (balance N2). For Oxygen 93 (transfilling), calibrate with 93% +0.1% O2 (balance N2).

Compensation: Temperature