Product Altek mA Calibrator

Altek mA Calibrator

Altek Model 334A Loop Calibrator has been designed to check, calibrate, and troubleshoot all the signals present within a standard 4 to 20 milliamp process control loop. A 24 mA Source, mA meter, 2-Wire Transmitter Simulator, and a DC Volt meter are combined into one easy-to-operate instrument. Dual current ranges allow display of each current function in percent of 4 to 20 mA signal, as well as directly in milliamps. Power and Measure 2-wire transmitters simultaneously in Source Mode. The Altek Model 334A supplies the required voltage and displays the current as regulated by the 2-Wire Transmitter. The Model 334A may also be used when a controller is temporarily removed for repair or replacement. Simply substitute the model 334A for the controller and use it as a manual loading station. Benchtop accuracy in a toolbox calibrator assures fast, precise setting of current trips, recorders, controllers, loggers, computers, and final control elements.