Product Analogue Insulation Tester

Analogue Insulation Tester

A well priced, accurate general purpose analogue insulation tester suitable for rugged environments. The operating panel and display are colour coded and clearly laid out. The unit fits into a folding case with a compartment for leads and accessories. The meter is eguipped with a lock down button and a lead resistance zero operating knob. It tests continuity from 3 to 500Q, AC voltage to 600V and insulation at voltages 250, 500, and 1000 V. A battery voltage check is included in the range. Warning indicators are "Battery On" LED and an audible and LED "Live Circuit". The batteries are accessed in a compartment under the meter.


  • Colour Coded Scale

  • Lock Down Push Button

  • Fuse Protected

  • Compact Rugged Case

  • Live Line Indication

  • Battery Check