Portable LED Floodlight

ARORA LED PORTABLE is a floodlight product that is very suitable for use on project sites, and mining. Very flexible because it is very light, compact, and very sturdy to meet lighting needs. Highly effective and efficient LED with an output capability of 6000k daylight - white intensity up to 8000 lumens. Some of the other features of the Arora LED Portable are the dimming function which is provided for up to 100,000 hours of use.

The portable Arora LED floodlight also has an alert system to notify users of battery capacity. Consistently designed for the needs of operation from start to use until the battery runs out with the same capability. Comes with a main charger with 100 to 264 Vac at 50 or 60 Hz. The 12Vdc charger is also compatible with this LED Flood Light product.

Arora LED Flood Light portable is made using high pressure with an aluminum layer that is given a special coating, so it is able to withstand various external pressures from extreme environments according to industry needs. Equipped with IP66 and IP67 ratings providing protection from dust and water. One of the LED Floodlights which is also equipped with water resistance to a depth of 1 meter.



The portable Arora LED Flood Light is perfect for use anywhere, especially in hazardous environments related to mining, construction projects, and so on. With a high level of mobility, this led flood light will be able to provide very real light needs for you. Besides being suitable for outdoor use, Arora's portable LED FLoodlight can also be used for semi-indoor needs such as tunnels, underground mining environments, etc.



  • Up to 36 hours full power daylight quality

  • Equivalent to 500W halogen

  • IP 68

  • Main charger (supplied as standart)

  • 12VDC vehicle charger (optional)

  • 120v - 240VAC charger

  • Extension Mast, 1.5m (optional)