Product BW7101 - Portable LED Explosion Proof Searchlight

BW7101 - Portable LED Explosion Proof Searchlight

It is an efficient lighting tools to be used at the military, petrochemistry , oil field, customs inspection, police, patrol, rescue relief, railway, fire fighting and any other night work tasks. Certified by National authority. Flame proof type of protection, designed according to explosion proof standard for safe use potentially explosive atmosphere. 3X3W CREE LED light source, 100,000 hrs service life. It uses CREE LED light source, with 100,000hours service life.

The reflector adopts hi-tech surface finishing technology, make sure a high light reflectivity and no light shadow. Its effective beam range is about 1,500meters. Use of the latest high capacity lithium-iron battery with long service life improves reliability and eliminates ' memory ' affect. The strobe light can use as signal communication and personal indicator to identify the position of the workers.

Portable Explosion Proof Mining Lamp

Tormin BW7101 is a portable LED Explosion-proof mining lamp that is very useful for underground mining use. In addition to underground mining, BW7101 can also be used for military purposes and various types of night work that require another lighting. In the form of a flashlight, easy to hold, it becomes one of the searchlights with very high capabilities.

As an explosion-proof mining lamp, BW7101 is equipped with various protections. First, fire resistance which is equipped with industry standards so that it can be used in a flammable environment. Another capability of this mining lamp is using CREE LED Light source technology with 100,000 services life.

Characteristic BW7101 Explosion Proof Mining Lamp


Some of the characteristics of the Tormin BW7101 flashlight are, as follows:

  • It has been verified and got a flame-proof certificate by the National Authority. It is very safe to use in flammable and explosion-prone environments.
  • Menggunakan lampu 3x3W CREE LED. CREE LED Light adalah sebuah teknologi lampu dengan 100.000 jam service life. Reflector lampu juga mengadopsi teknologi finishing tinggi memastikan pantulan cahaya maksimal dan mengurangi bayangan.
  • The maximum level of effectiveness with a distance of up to 1,500 meters.
  • BW7101 explosion-proof mining lamp also uses a lithium battery with the latest technology with a large capacity.
  • Very easy to carry anywhere and flexible
  • Equipped with IP67 rating
  • Equipped with a battery indicator where the operator can check its status at any time. The charging process uses a quick charging chip, equipped with overcharged protection.


  • Rated Voltage: 22.2 V

  • Rated capacity: 2600 mah

  • Rated Power: 9 W

  • High Output: 975/m

  • Low Output: 465/m

  • Continuous Runtime (High): >11

  • Continuous Runtime (Low): >16

  • Continuous Runtime (Freq): 20

  • Recharge Time: > 8 hours

  • Service life of battery: 1000

  • Length: 140 mm

  • Diameter: 67 mm

  • Weight: 900 gram