Product Cabac Heatshrink Tape

Cabac Heatshrink Tape

HST20 heatshrink tape is a thin irradiated polyolefin tape that shrinks and amalgamates, forming a ridged seal on complex shapes. It is ideal for the repair of damaged cables, forming T-joints and junctions, and sealing complex shapes.

  • Excellent for creating a waterproof seal on complex shapes
  • High mechanical strength and rigid once shrunk
  • Low water absorption
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Irradiated polyolefin which shrinks and amalgamates above 130'C
  • Becomes continuous insulation with variable wall thickness
  • Operating temperature -55'C to 105'C
  • Standard roll 5m x 20mm

 To apply HST20, wind the tape loosely with about a two-thirds overlap, three layers at a time. After every three layers shrink the tape and then apply another three layers. Repeat this process until the desired insulation thickness is reached. The tape amalgamates during the shrinkage process.


  • Conformant Standards: EC, VDE DIN

  • Material: Irradiated polyolefin

  • Colour Black

  • Size Roll 50m x 20mm (approx. thickness 0.1mm)

  • Temperature Shrinkage: up to 90°C / Operating: -55°C to +105°C

  • Temperature Tensile: Above 130°C

  • Strength: 0.5 kg/mm2

  • Elongation at breaking point 250%

  • Breakdown voltage : 30 kV/mm thickness

  • Volume resistivity                     Above 1 x  1015 ohm cm

  • Water absorption                     0.1%

  • UV resistance                            General UV stabilised