Product Cabac SAT2 High Mechanical Strength

Cabac SAT2 High Mechanical Strength

SAT2 is a synthetic rubber and resin self-amalgamating tape with a polyethylene separator that forms part of the joint, giving it high mechanical strength.

  • Ideal for rugged environments
  • Waterproof, especially if used in conjunction with SAT1
  • Excellent electrical and ageing properties

When using SAT2 wrap with a 50% overlap with the adhesive side in, and gently stretch so that it closely adheres to the cable. The polyethylene separator forms part of the joint, and as a guide the tape should reduce in width by 1-2 mm when applied. In cold weather warm to room temperature.


  • Conformant standards : UL, NEMA,IEC, JIS

  • Material : Resin impregnated synthetic rubber with polythene film separating layer

  • Colour : Black

  • Thickness : Adhesive layer 0.38mm Main layer 0.50mm Poly separator 0.12mm

  • Temperature : Storage up to 50°C | Operating     -45°C to +105°C

  • Tensile strength : 0.02 kg/mm2

  • Elongation at breaking point Above 350%

  • Breakdown voltage : 6 kV/mm thickness

  • Volume resistivity : Above 1 x 1016 ohm cm

  • Water absorption : Less than 0.05%

  • UV resistance

  • Exceeds ISO 1408