Product Cabac Suspension Clamp Type

Cabac Suspension Clamp Type

This clamp is designed to suspend 4 x 95mm2 LVABC Cables. It is made from an extruded aluminium body, with an EDPM rubber insert. It also consists of a stainless steel eyelet around the hole where it is fixed to a pole to ensure a reliable and long life of operation. The bolt is held captive in the cover using a rubber ring. This ensures that when undone, the bolt is not lost.


  • Designed with the bolt held captive, simplifying installation

  • Stainless steel eyelet in pole fixing hole to increase life and reliability.

  • Rubber insert splits in 2 as you open cover plate for ease of installation.

  • Cover plate opens over 180 degrees allowing for easy installation around cable.

  • Lightweight and strong design.

  • To install, unscrew the bolt, open the cover plate and install over cable bundle.

  • Close cover plate and tighten captive bolt.