Product Cabac URD Connection System - Covers

Cabac URD Connection System - Covers

The unique CABAC URD Cover system has been designed specifically to compliment the URD Bolted lugs and provide a simple and easily installed connection cover.


  • Three covers are available to contain either single, looped or 3 way arrangements.

  • Each phase is terminated separately within its own cover a design feature that eliminates the need to tailor more than a maximum of 3 cables at any one time.

  • The cover is completely reversible and has an inbuilt tolerance to accept some degree of misalignment of the connectors should a difficult installation exist.

  • The cover system is electrically safe and is of the required finger proof concept. Fully tested the cover meets 1000 volt safety security. Manufactured from glass filed nylon, the cover is capable of withstanding very high impact loads to provide an almost indestructible protection device.

  • The covers cable ports are accessed from the front cover where the following ports are available.3 cable ports for a maximum of 25 mm square cable. 2 cable ports for a maximum of 50 mm square cable.

  • The cover has been designed to hold the cable connection grub screws and prevent their dislodgement into the junction box cover.

  • Strip length information for cables is clearly marked on the junction box cover.

  • Should it be necessary, live services can be safely installed by the use of insulated allen keys.