Product Copper Reducing Links

Copper Reducing Links

CABAC is able to produce any Copper Reducing Link you may require. Our standard metric product range is shown in the chart adjacent. CABAC can however produce any link, imperial, metric or any combination.
These links are a barrier type, so they can be used in any situation where an impermeable barrier to oils or water is required. Do not crimp close to the centre barrier or the link may shear.
CABAC manufacturing can produce links on a same day basis should you require, and has state of the art CNC machines to produce large quantities in a short time.
Should you require a special link, please photocopy and fll in the proforma drawing on page C3, and fll in as much detail as possible, and fax to our sales department to reduce the possibility of errors. CABAC will design your link at no charge. Note that specially manufactured items are NOT returnable.
These links and any special links are designed to be crimped with standard Australian tooling, using standard hex dies. See our standard copper lug range for die selection or the tables on page C14 & C15