Product Dynasonics® DXN Flowmeter

Dynasonics® DXN Flowmeter

Portable transit-time/Doppler flow and energy meter

The DXN portable ultrasonic flow meter is a true hybrid ultrasonic flow meter, capable of measuring liquid flow with multiple technologies, including: Doppler, transit-time and liquid thermal (heat energy) flow.

DXN is also compatible with a pipe wall thickness gauge, used to verify inside pipe diameter and ensure highly accurate ultrasonic measurements when piping details are unknown or unavailable.

The DXN has a number of advanced features that allow the user to obtain accurate readings while capturing flow surges and high-speed batch operations.

DXN captures and records multiple application parameters at one time with an easy-to-use data logging function and provides the power to verify and troubleshoot permanent flow installations with ease.

Water, Chemical/Petrochemical media, Pharmaceutical media, Others, Oil, Liquid food
max. flow:
from 3.18 up to 5260284 l/min
from -40 up to 121 °C
Water & waste water industry, Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food & beverage industry, General industry, Oil industry, Aerospace industry, Automotive industry, HVAC



  • Hybrid technology Touch screen Full-color graphics DN 15 – DN 3000 Windows® based software Integrated data logger Wall thickness gauge