Product EsterCheck


Estercheck III is a handheld instrument for use in quantifying the level of BioDiesel in Diesel fuel. Estercheck provides a rapid result, utilising under 1ml of sample with results directly reported as the percentage of Biodiesel present in the sample being tested. The instrument utilises a Mid-IR approach and is sensitive to all types of biodiesel. The rugged design is suitable for use in the laboratory or feld. A clear, backlit screen display coupled with an easy to use menu system makes the instrument ideal for trained or untrained operators. Measurement is easy, with clear prompts showing the user how to perform the test. Each measurement is a simple two step process and a complete analysis takes just 60 seconds. The instrument uses a large button for control, making it ideal for use with gloved hands and the screen display is protected from accidental damage by a strong Perspex shield.