Product Explosion Proof Mining Lamp - WK Series
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Explosion Proof Mining Lamp - WK Series

WK Series - Explosion Proof LED Floodlight

WK Series mounting type could be ceiling, grounding, and can be installed on wall, on fence, and street light type. The multiple applications make this lamp the most popular model among our led ex-proof. Also our designer let him cover from 30w to 250w, almighty. Which makes it universal for all height use. You can install it in 12-13 meter high, or you can install it 5-7 meter high. Today, WK Series is Atex certified. Applicable to Zone 2 & Zone 22. Temperature class T1-T5.


Explosion Proof Mining Lamp - LED WK Series is best applied at Hazardous environments such as coal mine exploitation, underground tunnels, switching rooms, the belt transport corridor,coal washing workshop, oil refinery, etc.


Explosion Proof Mining Lamp - LED WK Series is made using special copper free cast aluminum housing and high tech anti corrosion surface, suitable for long term highly extreme environments under coal mines.  
It features high conductivity material to accelerate cooling structure, which could be used in a high temperature environment. With energy-saving 60% more than metal halide lamp. It also has a power factor above 0.98 with universal AC/DC. 
Explosion proof mining lamp LED WK Series also has protection Degree IP66 and rules of compliance EN 60079-0:2012 EN 60079-15:2009 EN 60079-31:2009. To make it more strong, it is covered with tempered glass and an independent wiring chamber, for easy and safe installation or maintenance. 


  • Protection Degree          : IP66 

  • Ambient Temperature    : -30?+60?

  • Rules of Compliance       : EN 60079-0:2012 EN 60079-15:2009 EN 60079-31:2009 

  • Certificate                      : IEP16ATEX0449/PCEC/CE/RoHS 

  • Body                              : Copper free cast aluminum 

  • Paintings                         : External epoxy powders 

  • Screws                            : External stainless steel

  • Cover                              : Tempered glass 

  • Power                              : 80W 100W 120W 150W 

  • Power Factor                    : 0.98 

  • Rated Voltage                  : 90-2