Product Greenlee Fish Tapes

Greenlee Fish Tapes

• Oil-tempered spring steel for excellent fishing performance.
• Dirt-free tape finish keeps hands cleaner during use.
• Advanced comfort handle grip reduces fatigue.
• Superior rapid tape pay-out and rewind.
• Smaller Fish Eye with offset bend for improved fishing ability.
• Improved low profile tip for easy fishing through all sizes of conduit.
• Viewing Port gives visibility to remaining tape and ability to remove jobsite debris quickly.
• Rugged case design improves drop impact capability.
• Flared case with Grip Ridges for no slip handling.
• Available in 50' (15.2 m), 65' (19.8 m), 125' (38.1 m) and 240' (73.2 m) lengths.
• 1/8", 1/4" and flat steel profiles to accommodate different fishing situations