Product Group Lockout Boxes

Group Lockout Boxes

How group lockout boxes work:
• Supervisor uses a single job lock on each energy control point to lock out equipment
• Keys for job locks are put in a lockout box
• Each worker applies his own lock to the lock box. As long as any one worker’s lock remains on the lockout box, the keys to the job locks cannot be accessed, and the energy isolating devices cannot be operated. Each employee retains exclusive control, as required by OSHA.

How group lockout boxes can save you money and increase efficiency:
• Example: Assume 5 workers need to lock out 10 energy control points
• Using hasps, 50 locks are required (all 5 workers must apply individual locks to each control point)
• Using a lockout box, only 15 locks are required (10 job locks applied to control points and 5 employee locks applied to lockout box). That’s 70% fewer locks!
• Less weight hanging from the energy point - 1 lock instead of 5!
• Finally, checking the locks on the lock box allows you to track who is still working. With hasps, you need to walk around to each energy control point to see whose lock is still in place.