Product Hand Held 13 Tonne Hydraulic Crimpers - ’C' Head

Hand Held 13 Tonne Hydraulic Crimpers - ’C' Head

CABAC's 13 tonne 'C' head hydraulic crimpers come in two types, one with a 25mm throat opening and one with a 42mm throat opening


  • Quality manufacture and robust design will give years of trouble free service

  • Nominal force of 13.3 tonnes at the die faces

  • Head rotates 180° for work in tight spaces

  • Shorter than most hydraulics on the market today allowing more flexibility and easier handling

  • Two speed unit, which advances the dies at a high speed until a crimping force is encountered, and then automatically changes to a low speed. This saves time and effort in the crimping process.

  • Nominal largest die size is 300mm2 with a 28.4mm A/F (across the flat hex dimension)

  • Accepts standard Australian and international 12 tonne dies

  • Safety valve that protects against over pressure

  • Supplied in a robust plastic case which houses up to 15 die sets