Product Hydraulic Crimper - 13 Tonne

Hydraulic Crimper - 13 Tonne

CABAC's B131-C series of tools are the most advanced 12 tonne battery hydraulic crimpers in the world today. They have taken years to develop, and as such many of the "bugs" in earlier units have been eliminated. There are two tool types, one with a conventional 'C' head and one with a large throat opening 'C' head


  • Lightweight - weighing 7 to 8kg with a battery

  • Balanced - with a central handle, they are easy to hold and operate with one hand

  • Ergonomically designed sculptured body for operator comfort.

  • Two speed hydraulic system with automatic switch over to speed crimping

  • A microprocessor control automatically cuts out the motor on completion of crimping operation, saving energy and extending battery life

  • Mechanically interlocked operating switches to prevent accidental operation

  • Quiet operation with very little vibration

  • Quick crimping action and return once, trigger is released

  • The head rotates 180° for ease of use in confined spaces

  • Battery condition display indicates residual battery power

  • Fitted with an integral socket for connection to 12V DC supply, typically a vehicle battery 14.4V DC Nickel Metal Hydride battery

  • The B131L-C model features a 42mm throat opening for easier insertion and removal of larger compression terminations and joints

  • Tools accommodate standard CABAC 12 tonne dies

  • Crimp range is up to 300mm2

  • Tools are supplied with:

  • Battery charger Spare battery Shoulder strap

  • Heavy-duty carry case, which includes compartments for 12 dies