Product Illuminance (Lux) Meter

Illuminance (Lux) Meter

The T630 is a dedicated, compact 3/2 LCD digital light-meter. The meter provides measurements in Lux. Illuminance is measured in Lux (Lumen per square meter) and is the amount of luminous flux (Lumen) per unit area at a point. Luminous flux of a light source is the radiant power evaluated according to its ability to produce visual sensation. The meter has a CIE Photopic spectral response that evaluates the Lux closely to the capability of the human eye. It is very accurate having a resolution of 0.01 Lux. The T630 has a detachable sensor head with a 1.5m cable and a sensor cover. The meter is ideal for anyone who works with lighting and requires measurements in areas such as streets, theatres, emergency or general building lighting.


  • Resolution 0.01 Lux

  • Spectral response CIE Photopic

  • Back light

  • Max hold

  • Data hold

  • 3/2 1999 count LCD

  • Range from 0 to 200,000 Lux

  • Low battery indication

  • Update rate 2.5 x per second