Product Insulation Tester 500V-10kV

Insulation Tester 500V-10kV

TopTronic industrial insulation testers are robust, heavy-duty units which test insulation at various high voltages. They are designed to read accurately in harsh environments. They are battery powered, consuming very low power and capable of 20 hours of continuous operation at maximum load. This series has many advanced features, for example voltage decay, test time and external voltage warning. The test information is displayed on the 2 by 20 line LCD after the test, so the results can be recorded easily. The meters have a digital Bargraph showing DC output voltage and will indicate discharge. The unit will auto discharge and when discharged show a "HOLD" message on the display.

The meters are factory calibrated to the highest international standards and digitally saved into a non-volatile memory.The meters will retain their ultra-precise calibration indefinitely.The latest EEPROM technology is used to calibrate and there are no physical adjustments. These units have built-in Internal Guard Circuitry to eliminate errors due to surface current creep age.

The operation is controlled by a microprocessor giving visual and audible indications and warnings to alert test engineers to the status and presence of dangerous voltages. Current limiting circuitry protects insulation being tested against "over-power".This also protects the test engineer against accidental shocks from the "live" test probes.


  • Timer

  • Live Circuit Warning

  • Electronic Operation

  • Robust Carry Case