Product IP57 Bullets & Splices

IP57 Bullets & Splices

These IP57 bullets and splices are designed for hostile environments, and can be immersed in water, without water getting into the joint. The bullets allow equipment to be disconnected and re-connected maintaining an IP57 integrity.


  • Have a in-built sealing ring, which seals the terminal to wire insulation interface, stopping water ingress

  • The bullets have in-built sealing ridges, which stop water penetration, and a positive seal at the base of the male bullet

  • The bullets are ideal for connections of swap out equipment, and equipment that has to be temporarily connected

  • Temperature range -40°C to 105°C

  • Rated voltage 300V

  • Flame retardant nylon insulation to UL94V-2

  • IP57 to IEC529