Product Keystone Figure 611/612 Butterfly Valves

Keystone Figure 611/612 Butterfly Valves

  •  F611 Wafer style resilient seated butterfly valves.BTV-015
  •  F612 Lugged style resilient seated butterfly valves.
  •  Rounded polished disc edge gives full concentric sealing, lower torques, longer seat life and bubble-tight shut-off.
  •  The seat is field replaceable and fully isolates the body and stem from the flow.
  •  Primary stem sealing exceeds the pressure rating of the valve and prevents leakage through shaft area to atmosphere.
  •  A secondary shaft seal provides back-up safety.
  •  Top and bottom inboard shaft bearings for optimum support and minimum friction to prolong valve life.
  •  Top bushing absorbs actuator side thrust loads.
  •  Top seal prevents moisture penetrating into the shaft area.
  •  The thin disc provides minimum obstruction to flow, resulting in smooth flow characteristics.
  •  A molded-in O-ring in the seat for flange sealing eliminates the need for gaskets.
  •  Extended body neck allows pipe insulation.
  •  Body locating holes ease installation and centering between the flanges.
  •  Available approvals: PED (CE Mark), DNV, Lloyds.