Product Led Flood Light - ARORA High Power

Led Flood Light - ARORA High Power

Highest Conversion LED Floodlight

With experience of Outdoors LED Lightings, we provide the most professional brightest high power LED lights. Low watt energy consumption, super bright light output. Save energy and cost with better results. Brighter for every wattage than any Flood Light.



Arora High Power LED Flood Light, suitable for Floodlights in Buildings, Fields, Terminals, Warehouses, Factories, Mines. It’s built with IP66 able to handle extreme environments such as coal mines and hazardous environments, the best choice for your LED Flood Light solutions.

ARORA LED Flood Light Product Type

There are many product choice you can choose such as:

  • HPF100: 100 Watt, 16000lm, 250 Watt conventional replacement
  • HPF200: 200 Watt, 32000lm, 500 Watt conventional replacement
  • HPF300: 300 Watt, 48000lm, 750 Watt conventional replacement
  • HPF400: 400 Watt, 64000lm, 1000 Watt conventional replacement
  • HPF600: 600 Watt, 80000lm, 1500 Watt conventional replacement
  • HPF1000: 1000 Watt, 160000lm, 2500 Watt conventional replacement

All Products have CE/RoHS/C-Trick/TUV/ErP/ETL Certificates.


  • Highest Conversion LED Flood Light

  • IP66   

  • CCT 2800 - 7500k

  • CRI 75-95

  • 20-95RH Humidity

  • Voltage 90-305 VAC

  • Optical Lens PC

  • Beam Angle 5∠/10∠/25∠/40∠/60∠/90∠/120∠

  • Temperature -40 ? until +65 ?

  • UL/CUL Listed

  • Up to 160lm/watt 

  • Lifespan >80000H