Product LTP Metal Flexible Conduit Nylon Coated

LTP Metal Flexible Conduit Nylon Coated

Flexible Conduit Metal

LTP Flexible Conduit Metal Nylon Coated with galvanized steel with PVC coated Liquid Tight. Galvanized steel, helically wound, flexible conduit with smooth oil resistant and high temperature pvc cover. Color black.


  • outdoor installations or machine tools

Metal Flexible Conduit including hazardous area EXD flameproof conduits, liquid tight conduits, industrial conduits and flexible metallic conduits with optional coating or braiding protection.

Flexible conduit protects and contains power cables, data cables, wiring and fiber optic cables.

The LTPAS and LTPPUAS flexible conduits can be used to avoid electrostatic charge build-up on installed equipment, including the surface of the conduit. This issue is particularly prevalent when working in hazardous areas.

Flexicon also has a range of Metallic UL Listed conduits and fittings in sizes 16mm to 63mm.

  • LTPUL Liquid Tight Conduit is UL Listed to UL360 and LTP-CUL Liquid Tight Fittings are UL Listed to UL514B and are suitable for use in Hazardous locations as per NEC Article 501 (B)(2) Class I Div 2, Article 502 (A) (2) & (B)(2) Class II Div 1&2, Article 503 (A)(3) & (B)(3) Class III Div FPASC Conduits 21mm to 67mm – UL Listed to UL 1660 standard.
  • FPASC Conduits 21mm to 67mm – UL Listed to UL 1660 standard.
  • FPAU and FPAX fittings 21mm to 67mm - UL Listed to UL514B standard.

“Having approval on both non-metallic conduits and metallic conduits plus fittings means that Flexicon can provide a complete cable protection system that meets all the requirements of UL and is also fully tested as a system to ensure ongoing protection against hazards.”

The LTPHC has good flexibility in Low and High Temperature.

The LTPLFH where extra Low Fire Hazard Performance is required.




  • High mechanical strength

  • Good flexibility

  • IP rating: IP66 + IP67+ IP68 (5 bar) + IP69

  • Smooth wipe clean outer cover

  • Cover does not wrinkle when bent

  • Temperature range: LTP -20°C to +105°C

  • LTP has Lloyds Register Type Approval

  • Resistant to oils and greases

  • UV resistant (black) and suitable for external use

  • Nickel plated brass or stainless steel fittings