Product Lutron PVB-820

Lutron PVB-820

* Applications for industrial vibration monitoring :
All industrial machinery vibrates. The level of vibration is Acceleration ( RMS ) a useful guide to machine condition. Poor balance, misalignment & looseness of the structure will cause the Unit vibration level increase, it is a sure sign that the Range 0.5 to 199.9 maintenance is needed.
* Pen type digital vibration meter, vibration sensor is built in, all in one. @ 160 Hz, 80 Hz, 23 ± 5 ?
* Acceleration, Velocity measurement, RMS measurement value.
* Metric & Imperial display unit.
* Frequency range 10 Hz - 1 kHz, sensitivity relative meet ISO 2954.
* Microcomputer circuit, intelligent function, high accuracy.
* LCD display, easy read out.
* Complete set with the Test pin and the Magnetic base are the standard accessories.
* Built-in low battery indicator.
* Heavy duty & compact housing case.
* IP65 protection. Unit
* Compact size, light weight.
* Soft carrying case is the optional accessory