Product MCE Membran Filters

MCE Membran Filters

Hydrophilic MCE membranes utilize a mixture of cellulose nitrate/acetate fbers to deliver superior ?ow rates and high protein binding; ideal for particle monitoring, diagnostic kit manufacturing, and microbiology applications. Mixed cellulose ester (MCE) membrane flters are optimized for use with a variety of sample media and volumes because they have a uniform pore structure, consistent thickness, and a smoother surface than their pure nitrocellulose counterparts. These membranes are designed for quick and easy identifcation of surface-retained particles, which decreases eye fatigue. These flters are available with a variety of custom features, including white discs to observe changes in color; black discs that contrast microorganisms, yeast, and mold, while facilitating manual counting without a counter-stain; and gridded options for both colors to accurately quantify microbial growth/colonies. Sterile membranes are also available for use with critical samples.