Product Metal Glands - Unarmoured IP66

Metal Glands - Unarmoured IP66

CABAC’s A2 range of Unarmoured Brass Glands, are designed for general purpose use with PVC and XLPE cables. They have a neoprene seal that clamps onto the sheath of the cable, and this is fully weatherproof, IP66 rated.
• Each gland covers a large cable range because of the unique seal, which simplifes gland selection, and reduces inventories
• They are nickel plated for superior corrosion protection
• Suitable for unarmoured PVC and XLPE insulated armoured cables
• Conform to BS6121:Part 1:1989
To select the required gland, establish the outside diameter of the cable by measuring the cable, or from manufacturers handbooks, and work out which gland you need from the table below. On the adjacent page there is a Gland Selection Chart which should be used as a guide only, and it is ESSENTIAL that the specifc manufacturer’s dimensions are checked prior to installation. To install simply follow normal gland installation practices.