Product Mini Battery Powered Crimper

Mini Battery Powered Crimper

The B035 crimper is a battery powered mini hydraulic crimper, developing 3.5 tonnes of force at the crimp faces. Hydraulics are the best way to control the crimping process, and this tool uses a mini hydraulic system to create the crimping force, and control the cycle. The tool crimps to full force, and once this has been achieved it automatically retracts the piston. It is light weight, and controlled by a simple push button operation, making fast reliable crimping very easy


  • Crimps standard copper lugs 6 to 120mm2

  • Light, weighing 1.6kg, 355mm long, small and easy to use.

  • Head rotates 360° to get into tight spaces

  • Ergonomic and ideal for one hand operation

  • Quick stop motor

  • Manual retract in the case of need

  • Quick crimping time of 2 seconds for a full cycle

  • Crimping stroke 9mm

  • Battery 9.6V, 1.3Ah, giving approx 85 crimps

  • Charge time 15min (quick charge) or 40min standard