Product Non Metallic Flexible Conduit - FPADS

Non Metallic Flexible Conduit - FPADS


  • Nylon PA6 DOUBLE SLIT divisible corrugated conduit

  • Double slit nylon (PA6) corrugated conduit. Colour black.

  • Typical Applications: Retrofit.

  • Make from 2 interlocking slit corrugated conduits

  • Temperature range -40°C to +120°C

  • Cables can be inserted laterally

  • Abrasion resistance and routing of cables for static applications

  • Self extinguishing

  • UL94V2

  • Halogen, sulfur and phosphorus free

  • Metallic flexible conduit & fitting

  • Heavy duty applications, Can withstand impact forces such

  • as falling objects, Protection against electromagnetic

  • interference, No risk of water or dust ingress