Product Phase Tester up to 16kV

Phase Tester up to 16kV

A portable kilo-voltmeter from RITZ suitable for measurements up to 48kV. The test instrument is used to check voltages between phases, phase to earth and same phase for connection purposes. The test instrument attaches to electrical " Hot Sticks" to enable testing at the reguired approach distance or to reach an overhead line. The test probes can be attached to an overhead line by means of "hook type" fittings and a reel extended interconnection cable is used to electrically connect to the probes.


  • Sundial Connection to "Hot Sticks"

  • Clear Analogue Display

  • Extendible Cable Link 16kV Protected

  • Convenient Carry Box

  • Includes Two Universal Sticks (H1760-1)

  • Reel Cable Length of 6.5m