Product Professional Analogue Multimeter

Professional Analogue Multimeter

A well priced, multi-featured analogue multimeter. Ideal for work in laboratories, training institutions, workshops, or whenever a clear analogue indication is reguired. Analogue meters give clear visual indication of pulses and electrical measurements. Analogue meters always give actual true RMS readings regardless of the waveform, thus saving on expensive digital true RMS meters. If you work with electronics this could be a well-priced solution for a top guality meter.


  • 8 Functions

  • 20 Ranges

  • 10 MQ input impedance

  • Fused Current Input

  • Needle mirror for error of parallax

  • Large, clear and colour coded screen

  • Operating Temperature 0° to 40°C at RH < 80%

  • Diode Test Current 1 mA per ±2.5 V (continuity buzzer)