Product Quick Exhaust Valve

Quick Exhaust Valve

The 13QS44 is a two position, Poppet operated control valve assembly for 10,000 PSI hydraulic service. This high flow exhaust valve establishes flow from the Supply to Valve connections (inlet to outlet) to open a Surface Safety Valve (SSV or hydraulic Actuator) automatically with each application of operating pressure. A loss or significant decrease of operating hydraulic pressure will rapidly unseat the Poppet to establish high volume reverse or Exhaust flow. Rapid closure of an Actuator valve is assured with the use of a Quick Exhaust Valve.

The 13SQ44 Quick Exhaust Valve utilizes a small internal orifice that bypasses the Poppet assembly to provide thermalexpansion capability. It also minimizes the effects of pump cycling or small volume fluid leaks, to maintain proper operating volume or pressure.