Product Railway Pandrol Clips Machine (PCMD)

Railway Pandrol Clips Machine (PCMD)

Cembre machine for Pandrol clips

  1. Cembre machine for Pandrol clips is robustly capable of lifting sleepers to assist E, FC, FE and FCX clip insertion.
  2. A completely re-engineered petrol-powered Pump unit and control system featuring automatic acceleration to increase power output only when required, thereby reducing HAV, noise and fuel consumption.
  3. Machine settings are achieved without tools and rear arms have protection against damage with adjustable gas springs for assured machine lifting in all weather.
  4. Improved machine ergonomics, access to controls and powerful LED lighting of the working area.
  5. A folding operating handle to reduce the risk of transportation damage.
  6. Performance
    Simple to use with simultaneous insertion or extraction of both clips by two independent clamps, promoting operator confidence and rapid progress.
  7. Control panel
    The operator can easily access all the controls of the unit.
  8. Braking system
    PCMD meets the requirements of EN13977.
  9. OLED Display
    OLED Display of number of operations, service recommended and warnings.
  10. 3rd Wheel Bar
    3rd Wheel Bar designed for use on 3rd rail systems.
  11. Track under construction
    Undesirable movement of sleepers, where ballast is not yet in situ, is avoided due to the reciprocal independence of the clamps, enabling work to be carried out during rail setting.





  • Technical characteristics Engine Type Combustion: 4-stroke, overhead valve, single cylinder Displacement 196 cm3 Motor power 5.6 HP Motor power 4.1 kW Motor revolutions (to the minute) 3600 rpm Fuel Unleaded regular grade Petrol Fuel tank capacity 0.81 Gal Start By rope pull with automatic rewind