Product TREXCHPKLWS1S - AMS Trex Device Communicator

TREXCHPKLWS1S - AMS Trex Device Communicator

The Emerson TREXCHPKLWS1S Trex Device Communicator, HART Application, Certified, Wireless Capability, Carrying Case is designed to withstand the harsh conditions in and around manufacturing facilities and is safety-rated. Designed for comfortable, one-handed, all-day operation in the field, the TREXCHPKLWS1S is packaged in an evenly-balanced form factor with a rugged hand strap. It comes standard with 32 GB of application memory, providing plenty of space to customize it with apps. With built-in USB and WiFi connectivity, users can move data to and from the communicator using the connectivity option that is most convenient. The communicator's robust lithium-ion power module will keep it running for hours, well over a full shift, even when it is being used to power other devices in the field.The TREXCHPKLWS1S is designed to operate with a wide range of HART devices independent of device manufacturer. Device interoperability is achieved through the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) technology supported by the HART Communication Foundation. The TREXCHPKLWS1S includes built-in functionality to power a device. Simply connect the communicator to an instrument to power it.