Product VICKERS - Slip-in Cartridge Valves

VICKERS - Slip-in Cartridge Valves


Eaton-Vickers cartridge valves are similar to poppet check valves and consist of an insert assembly that slips into a cavity machined into a manifold. This cavity is made to ISO 7368 or to DIN 24342. The insert is retained in the cavity by a control cover which is bolted to the manifold. The insert consists of a sleeve, poppet, spring and seals. Typically, inserts and covers are supplied separately, e.g. insert model CVI-**-D10 and cover model CVCS-**-C (relief valve) shown in Figure 2. For some functions, inserts and covers are supplied as a unit (complete assembly); e.g. the CVU-**-EFP1 (proportional throttle) shown on page 87.