Product Vitrified Wheels

Vitrified Wheels

These sharp silicon carbide, vitrified wheels are used for grinding non-steel applications.

APPLICATIONS: Use 39C (green silicon carbide) for cemented carbides, titanium, metal matrix composites and plasma sprayed materials.

Use 37C (black silicon carbide) on 300 series stainless steels, irons, nonferrous metals (aluminum, brass, bronze and copper) and non-metallic materials (stone, marble, rubber, ceramics and glass).

SHAPES: Type 01 Straight, Type 02 Cylinder, and Type 05 Recessed 1 Side

SIZE RANGE: 3" – 14" diameter

GRIT RANGE: 24 – 120

ABRASIVE GRAIN: 39C Green Silicon Carbide, 37C Black Silicon Carbide