Product WST-M15-2 Float Switch

WST-M15-2 Float Switch

Rated current: 10 (4)A/16(4)A/16(8)A    

Max. working temperature: 80degree   

Protection  Grade: IP68 

Mechanical endurance  more than 100,000 times             

Electrical endurance more than 50,000times       

Length:2m 3m 5m 10m 20m as customs required             

Float switch operation voltage is 220vac, and current can be up to 15A. Applies to branch water,sewage,aid-base solution and oil.

1) Microswitch: 10(8)A 250v-10(4)A380V              

2) Switch currency: ≥5000 switch workings tested by VDE specification   

3) Protective connection: T70U 

4) Protection: Waterpoof            

5) Max temperature:70

6) Working pressure: Max.1bar 

7) Circuitbreaking capacity: directly KW with 250V