Product Dynasonic® DFX Flowmeter

Dynasonic® DFX Flowmeter

Doppler ultrasonic flow meter

Two sensor types are available with the DFX meter:

Series DT9 clamp-on, non-intrusive sensor is recommended for use on most pipes, constructed from metal or plastic. The DT9 is rated to Type 6 (IP67) and has the ability to work with temperatures up to +200 ºC (+400 ºF).

Series DP7 hot-tap insertion probe sensor is available for installations on pipe systems that do not permit ultrasound penetration. The DP7 inserts into the pipe wall and directly contacts the flowing liquid

Water, Others, Oil
max. flow:
from 0.85 up to 3945213 l/min
from -40 up to 204 °C
Water & waste water industry, Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food & beverage industry, General industry, Oil industry



  • Non-intrusive, clamp-on sensor for most pipes from DN 6 to DN 1500 (¼" to 59”). Wide velocity range: 0.05 to 9 m/s (0.15 to 30 ft/s). Flexibility: with automatic gain control and in-fieldlinearization, the DFX will adapt to a wide variety of applications. Inherent immunity to VFD and other electronic / ultrasonic noise. Hot-tap insertion probe sensor available for concrete, FRP/GRP, or wood stave pipes. Microprocessor-based system; configuration and accumulation data stored in non-volatile flash ROM.